Why Choose HairSure?

Choosing HairSure

HairSure, since the days of its inception, has been offering a viable and distinct hair loss and hair restoration treatment for men and women. While we also have a wide range of other treatments, the interest in hair transplant has increased and the number of procedures being performed is reaching peaks too. We at HairSure have treated a huge clientele for hair transplants and have successfully got their natural looking hairline back.

Years of Experience

We have over ten years of experience in hair baldness treatment and hair restoration treatment, and have gained a large number of satisfied customers. We provide hair baldness treatment for both men and women.

Our extend services are available not only to clients in Hyderabad but also to people who visit us from other parts of the country and globally as well! We have a huge clientele in London, Sydney, Canada, Iraq, USA and Dubai who await a maintenance free procedure with natural looking hair back again. We have always been committed to educating and improving lives of all those suffering from all hair damaging problems. Constant updating of equipment and treatment procedures with the latest and advanced technologies is done on a regular basis to achieve remarkable results for clients.

International Expertise

HairSure is one of the top hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad India with an exclusive outreach and extremely skilled and qualified plastic surgeons who specialize in Hair Transplant procedures extensively, and also is a recognized member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (I.S.H.R.S).
Our team of highly qualified doctors, sit and assess the stage of hair baldness each client has been in and accordingly suggest medication or Hair Transplant. Our staff understands that hair loss is not only a complex medical condition, but also the main reason that affects the sufferer’s life. For this reason, we and our staff are dedicated to provide resources and support to those who are desperately searching for effective treatments. Experts at HairSure, have successfully treated numerous types of balding patterns with fruitful results. We have also won positive feedback from all our clients and promise trustworthy service. Our doctors always stand by our clients, who have been our biggest asset.

Strict Quality Adherence

HairSure follows a no compromise policy with regard to the quality of surgical instruments that are being used. Constant research based upgrading of the equipment and surgical instruments, are done on a timely basis. We also get our customers to consult the doctors on call in case of any doubts pre and post the treatments. We also make sure that our patients do not face any problems like having extreme side effects post the treatment procedure. A detailed study of what suits the patient’s body type is maintained during the treatment for each client.

Prompt Assistance

Our doctors maintain a strict adherence towards the patient’s assistance personally and are known for the fact that they do not depend on our subordinate staff for every minute detail related to the client’s treatment history.

  • 1. Our plastic surgeon designs the hair design based on requirements of the patient and the aesthetic limitations.
  • 2. Recipient sites are placed by the plastic surgery specialists.
  • 3. The donor area grafts are harvested by the doctors.
  • 4. The graft placements for the hair transplants is also done by our experienced doctors.

Importance of Hairlines

Since the inception, our team of surgeons at HAIR SURE have been creating thick and natural looking hairlines for clients who suffer from acute hair loss and progressive baldness.

The design of hairline is the most important of the factors deciding the success of hair transplant. The age, shape of the head, extent of baldness and existing hairline (if present) must be considered before starting the transplant.

If it is too low, the movement of the forehead muscle could lead to movement of the hairline which is undesirable (usually seen in apes). If it is too high, it might not create the desired effect (change in profile). Ideally, we place single follicular units in the front and two, three, four follicular units in the core area and behind/top. Attention is given to crease areas and borders so that the transplanted hair looks natural when combed or styled.

Undivided Attention

At Hair Sure, every client is given top most priority and attention. Every little detail of the Hair Transplant Procedure is explained to the client in black and white by our doctor. We understand the importance that appearance plays in today’s world. A neatly constructed and importance of hairline defines the face and exaggerates the other features of the face making them look more attractive and appealing.

We strongly believe there should be a good rapport between the doctor and client to attain the desired cosmetic goals of the client. We make sure that every client leaves the clinic with a smile. Clients have direct access to the doctor at all times, by phone or in person at the clinic from 6am to 9pm post surgery, any time in emergency. We make it a point to have our clients over for monthly check-ups, without any extra charge. For patients abroad, we are reachable via whatsapp and e-mail. Photos of the transplanted area are taken on every visit, which helps us to track their progress of our clients. Before and after photos are confidentially saved and compared regularly to see the difference Hair Transplant has made to the client’s appearance.

Conservative Planning

We embrace a conservative approach rather than just giving instant treatment. Believe that baldness progresses with age. We design the hairline and extend it keeping this in mind, to make you feel good now and for always. Every client who comes to us for the best hair loss solution will have limited hair. We ensure to optimally utilize every graft in an effective manner to deliver the best hair restoration results.