SHI-Simultaneous Harvesting and Implantation


shi hair transplant in hyderabad

Simultaneous Harvesting and Implantation is a newly introduced technique of hair transplant procedure that reduces the time that is generally consumed in the standardized procedures of hair transplantation. SHI is unique because it involves implanting the grafts into the recipient sites that are placed in prior as they are being harvested. SHI has 5 to 6 hair transplant surgeons who devise the action plan for the surgery together and then perform as a team simultaneously which reduces the time to 5 to 6 hrs for planting almost 3000 grafts.


Below are a few advantages of SHI hair transplantation in hyderabad:

  • The grafts are outside the body for a very minimal time.
  • There is a drastic reduction of operating time.
  • The grafts which are placed by this SHI do not shed off initially like the ones placed by other routine methods, therefore these start to grow directly and the results begin to show within two weeks.