Eyebrows Restoration


Eyebrow Restoration Treatment

Eyebrow transplant is a permanent solution to replace depleted eyebrows or to make them thicker and more fuller. Eyebrow hair restoration has become quite popular. Thin and withered eyebrow hair definitely make us look dull and unappealing. There are a number of reasons leading to the need for an eyebrow hair transplant. These could include burns, over plucking, using a poor quality eyebrow pencil, thyroid disorders, aging, stress, and side effects of tattooing.

Eyebrow hair transplant – An Advancement in cosmetic treatments

Eyebrow hair transplant is a popular procedure in cosmetic surgery to enhance eyebrow hair. It is a surgical procedure that restores eyebrow hair with a customised appearance. Eyebrow hair restoration or eyebrow hair transplants have evolved into cosmetic treatments that people wish to have for perfect eyebrows.
Eyebrow hair transplant, has been a great achievement in medical history that has flourished as a boon to people who suffer from balding of their eyebrow area. With the advancement of eyebrow hair transplant in Hyderabad, people have a chance to consult the best eyebrow hair transplant experts and get the procedure done to gain the lost eyebrow hair back.

How does an eyebrow hair restoration help?

Although eyebrows are just two small arcs of hair over our eyes, they are important for physiological and aesthetic reasons. Eyebrows help us in communicating through facial expression.The symmetry and fullness of beautiful eyebrow hair adds attractiveness to eyes. An eyebrow hair restoration helps to bring shape and aesthetic look to the face. It is a less known fact that eyebrow hair protects the eyes from sunlight, dust and sweat.  The partial loss of the eyebrow hair could be due to disease, scarring, or plucking more than required.
Eyebrow hair transplant is a challenging and artistic procedure due to the natural growth direction of the eyebrow hair. Eyebrow hair grows differently from scalp hair and they have many important characteristics which must be noted:
1. The direction of eyebrow hair growth changes from the inner to the outer brow area. The inner eyebrow hair grows towards the outside. The lower eyebrow hair grows upwards and the upper eyebrow hair grows downwards at an angle and combines to make a slight crisscross.
2. Eyebrow hair grows at acute angles which makes the hair lay flat to the surface of the skin. This is different from the hair that grows on the scalp.
3. Eyebrow hair transplant requires extreme skill and attention in every detail. Having a skill in detailing is important because no two eyebrows will be exactly the same. Thus , best Hair Transplant Before and After results will be a result of a unique approach for each patient to provide natural looking and aesthetically pleasing look.

What is an Eyebrow hair transplant?

Eyebrow hair transplant is a clinical procedure to restore depleted eyebrow hair. It could also be done for the eyebrow hairline that is deformed due to any scarring, or if it is completely missing. The absence of eyebrow hair can be genetic, over-plucking, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, burns or some accident.
An eyebrow hair transplant procedure involves the placement of  hair grafts into each eyebrow. It also depends on the desired density, size and existing amount of hair. Local anaesthesia is given around the eyebrow to numb the sensation during surgery. An eyebrow hair transplant procedure takes about 2 hours and is painless.

Immediately after an eyebrow hair transplant

For the first four days after the eyebrow hair restoration procedure, crusts form around the eyebrow hair transplant area. By the end of the week, you will be able to get back to normal activities without pain or discomfort. Two weeks after the eyebrow hair restoration, the transplanted hair fall out and regrow within three months after the eyebrow hair transplant. The hair continues to grow for a lifetime.

Eyebrow hair restoration – The Procedure

It is commonly done by FUE eyebrow hair restoration. Eyebrow hair restoration is the most challenging hair treatment being done as the brow hair direction is naturally placed in disoriented directions. This makes it difficult to follow the natural direction of the eyebrow. The experts who perform the eyebrow hair transplant place the hair in the growth direction accurately, to give a natural looking eyebrow hairline. Eyebrow hair is aligned in multiple directions and angles in which the eyebrow hair follicles grow with perfect and natural looking eyebrows. The hair from the nape of the neck is most preferred site as the donor for eyebrow transplant as the thickness and texture of hair from that area match the ones in the eyebrow region. Only single haired follicular units are preferred. Recipient size incisions are made with fine slits and grafts from the donor area are trimmed off the excess skin (epidermis) attached to it. Addressing these fine details help us achieve natural looking eyebrow lines.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant – The Time and Skill

To do an eyebrow hair transplant procedure, the specialists require critical experience in understanding of gaps between the temples, brow thickness, forehead length etc. This helps the hair separated from the donor area to grow naturally with the eyebrow hairline. This undoubtedly makes the eyebrows look normal. It takes two or three hours to finish this surgery. You can see the eyebrow hair regrow in a few months after the eyebrow hair transplant procedure.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Hyderabad – An Economical Cosmetic Treatment

The expense of eyebrow hair transplant in Hyderabad is very moderate. The excellent results of eyebrow hair restoration extends a perfect solution for women who want to restore their eyebrows with natural ones giving back a perfect image of their face.