Body Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad



Body hair can be used for transplant from one place to another. With the usage of leading-edge techniques that are available these days, it has become an easy procedure to transplant body hair onto the scalp. The body hair which is extracted from parts of the body other than scalp area may take a little longer time to grow which would be around 12 to 15 months. But at the end of the day, what matters is the result.

FUE Body Hair Transplant – An advanced body hair transplant technique with effective results

FUE body hair transplant is known to be highly effective with results. The body hair, that is from the beard area or chest is used as filler material in cases of advanced hair loss where it is combined with FUT and FUE.  HairSure advanced hair clinic uses FDA approved equipment and has carefully done research on cases that have gained success  post body hair transplant too. Body hair generally grows up to 5 to 6 cm and it is also very important to get the hair trimmed to equal size. It takes about a week for the donor area to heal and the procedure is done under local anesthesia.

What does a Fue body hair transplant involve?

Body Hair Transplant is a clinical procedure that involves picking hair follicles from parts of the body where there is abundant body hair and transplanting these hair grafts to places that require hair.

Body hair transplantation is usually performed in the following cases:

  • If the donor region on the scalp is left with less hair after a previous hair transplant procedure, body hair can act as donor and help in filling the required areas for another session of transplant.
  • FUE Body hair transplant also can be done to repair the scar on the scalp area that remained after a previously done hair transplant by strip procedure.

Convenient Body hair transplant procedure

The surgeon takes hair follicles from the donor area and implants these follicles into the bald area. The gaps due to harvesting of hair is not noticeable in the donor area because other hair covers the portion. FUE body hair transplant heals faster as compared to an FUT body hair transplant.
Benefits of FUE Body Hair Transplant Surgery

  • The body acts as a supporting donor area when the usual donor supply at the back of the head/scalp is not sufficient.
  • Many people choose to remove the hair on their back, shoulders & chest. The two way benefit of Body Hair Transplant Surgery is that unwanted body hair can be well utilised to improve the density of hair on the head.
  • Body hair can be used for a finely designed hairline with fine body hair in patients with coarse donor hair at the back side of the scalp.


The absence of body hair is mostly due to a scar, burns or accidents or even genetical hypotrychia.

  • This procedure can help restoring hair in the eyebrows, moustache, beard or chest for people who have either depleted hair in these areas or no proper growth.

Donor Hair:
The donor hair is taken from the scalp or body.

Modern Technology and Body hair transplant

Body hair transplant in Hyderabad has reached high standards of the medical system in India. Getting a body hair transplant in Hyderabad has proved to be the best option for hair transplant treatments because you will find internationally experienced specialist trichologists, modern high-end technologies, world class infrastructure and a comfortable environment.

FUE Body hair transplant – Longevity and rapid results

At HairSure, the team of Surgeons study every patient’s problem very well and suggest the right treatment for them. FUE body hair transplant has also become a much-wanted procedure due to the longevity of it provides, and the short healing time it takes. HairSure hair clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad, which has FUE body hair transplant procedure being done with high success rates. We have internationally trained and specialised hair doctors on our team who perform FUE body hair transplant surgery.

FUE Body hair transplant in Hyderabad

FUE Body hair transplant in Hyderabad is relatively more affordable than other cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Hence, a large number of people choose Hyderabad as their destination to get a hair transplant done.

Medical Tourism and Body hair transplant

India has developed into a hub for medical tourism. We have a lot of people visiting India for their medical purposes these days. If you are looking forward to getting a hair transplant surgery done, Hyderabad is the right place for you.