Female Baldness causes and Hair Loss Pattern


 Female Pattern Baldness Causes:

What causes hair loss in women is a very widely searched question. Hair loss in women, commonly known as female pattern baldness, is a condition that occurs in women who suffer from androgenic alopecia. Female pattern baldness refers to an imbalance in the hormones that result in deterioration of the hair follicle. This hair problem in women has been affecting up to 40% of women by the age of 50 and even before, in the current scenario. As a matter of fact, while men notice thinning hair and baldness in certain areas of their scalp such as temples and crown, women with female pattern baldness notice hair thinning all over their scalp with increased and obvious hair fall on the top of the head. This hair fall pattern causes balding at the center of the head.

Female pattern baldness can occur in women for many reasons other than having a genetic history of female pattern baldness.

Female pattern baldness causes include the following:

  • Aging is a very important factor that causes female pattern baldness. With increasing age, the hormones also start changing and reacting differently which could result in rapid female pattern baldness in women.
  • Changes in the levels of certain hormones and too much of testosterone in the female body can cause female pattern baldness.
  • Menopause in most women results in hair thinning, leading to female pattern baldness over a period.
  • The breaking of hair, over doing of any cosmetic treatments to the hair can cause severe female baldness.
  • Some skin diseases lead to damage of the hair follicles. These skin problems grow severe in women sometimes and result in female pattern baldness.
  • Certain autoimmune diseases, iron and vitamin B deficiencies also are important factors that contribute in female pattern baldness.
  • Treatments like chemotherapy, and temporary shedding of hair after major surgeries, or pregnancy are commonly noted to be strong factors that cause female pattern baldness.