Hair loss prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss prevention is a widely searched topic these days. With the increasing levels of pollution and changes in lifestyle, hair loss has become a big concern. Hair loss prevention for men is different from hair loss prevention for women as the male and female body types are very different in hormonal functioning. However, There is no guarantee that you can prevent hair loss which is programmed genetically.

Hair loss prevention for men:

When men begin to face balding issues, they lose two things that they are most possessive about. Their hair and confidence. We often blame our genetics and hectic lifestyle to be the causes for baldness in males. But failing standards of nutrition in our daily diet plans, have a huge contribution in hair loss prevention for men.

Hair growth and loss in both men and women as a pattern is different due to hormonal and physical differences. However, prevention of hair loss for men and for women is not different.

Hair loss prevention for women:

Hair loss prevention for women needs little more efforts than the usual care. Avoiding chemical hair treatments, unhealthy lifestyle and direct exposure to the sun are few important points that need to be taken into consideration. Using natural shampoos and conditioners like right and shika kai, ginger, etc can help preventing hair fall for women to a large extent.

Here we have a few preventive measures to follow, for hair loss prevention for men and hair loss prevention for women:

  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo regularly
  • Eat diet that is protein rich. Proteins are a source of growth and are responsible for the supply of essential nutrients to the whole body for better health, and contributes to having healthy hair.
  • Massage your scalp gently with essential oil.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair.
  • Drink lot of water. Water therapy is a good way of hair loss prevention
  • Reduce Alcohol Intake
  • De-stress yourself. Stress is one of the most harmful causes of hair loss.
  • Keep your head free from sweat
  • For men with long hair – Change how you style your hair.