Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Male pattern hair loss means thinning of the hair at the crown and the temple areas. Many men are affected by severe hair loss. There might be several reasons for male pattern baldness. Nearly one-third of all men are suffering from hair loss problems.

Men’s hair loss problems can start in their early 20s and 30s. Severe male and female hair loss pattern baldness has been the source of emotional distress in men. Various bald patterns are ranging from receding hairline and thinning of temple areas and crown of the head.

Early-stage hair loss problems can be treated with medications and home remedies. But severe hair loss problems like pattern baldness, alopecia problems, etc. need proper medical care and transplantation treatments.

In recent years, there are so many advanced technologies for hair loss problems in men. For the men who are suffering from severe pattern baldness problems, Hairsure clinic can replace your lost hair through different hair transplant procedures. These treatments from Hairsure will help to achieve a better aesthetic and natural appearance.

Causes of Men’s Hair Loss:

Although there are different causes of men’s hair loss, the most common cause is genetics, i.e., hereditary. Here is the list of some other causes of hair loss in men including

  • Complex hairstyles
  • Uncertified hair products
  • Hormonal changes
  • Alopecia areata problems
  • Radiated hair loss treatments
  • Scalp infections
  • High-stress levels
  • Hair pulling disorders

If you are looking for the best hair loss solutions, then Hairsure comes up with advanced hair loss treatment procedures.

Prevention of hair loss in men:

Every doctor believes that prevention is better than cure. Preventive methods can eliminate hair loss problems in early stages. Depending on the exact cause of hair loss, the prevention methods may vary. These preventive methods may include

  • Enriched balanced diet
  • Using wide space combs
  • Avoiding chemicals and colours
  • Avoid styling with complicated hairstyles
  • Avoid frequent twisting pulling the hair
  • Avoid harmful radiated therapies

Treatments available for men’s hair loss:

Depending on the severity of the hair loss, the surgeons may prescribe for medications or hair treatment procedures.

Medications: If the patient is suffering from early-stage hair loss problems, then these hair loss medications prescribed by the hair transplant surgeon will be more beneficial. These medications include

  • Minoxidil: This medication is ideal for both men and women. It is a type of liquid that can directly apply on the scalp. This solution helps in stimulating the new hair follicles. Continuing the medication for several months will give a better aesthetic hairline appearance.
  • Finasteride: It is the ideal medication in treating the pattern baldness in men. DHT hormone makes hair follicles thinner. This medication helps decrease the DHT hormone in the scalp and enhances the hair regrowth.

Laser therapy: This laser therapy treatment is the best hair loss treatment solution for the people who are suffering from severe pattern baldness and complicated alopecia areata problems. During this treatment, a laser beam is used to reactivate the dead cells in the scalp area. This results in enhancing the hair regrowth process.

Hair transplantation: These hair transplantation treatments are ideal for the people who lost their hair immensely because of traumatic injuries, chronic hair loss, severe areata problems, and pattern baldness. Depending on the severity of hair loss there are different type of hair transplant procedures including

  • FUT: During this process, the surgeon will remove an entire strip from the donor area, mostly backside of the scalp. Now the extracted strip is partitioned into small groups which are transplanted in the incision made in the treatment area. When hair follicles implanted successfully will help to achieve natural hairline appearance.
  • FUE: During this process, the surgeon will remove hundreds of hair follicles from the donor area. The number of hair follicles depending on the size of the treatment or the bald area. These extracted hair follicles will be gently transplanted in the treatment area.
  • PRP / Mesotherapy: During this process, the surgeon will insert artificial growth factors extracted from the patient’s blood to enhance natural growth.

Why Choose Hairsure for Hair Loss Treatment for Men?

  • Trained and experienced cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons
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  • Conservative planning

FAQs about Hair Loss Treatment for Men:

1. How much hair loss is normal for one day?

Generally, shedding of 40-50 hair follicles is normal. And also, it is an early indication of hair loss problems.

2. Can wearing a helmet or hat increase hair loss problems?

It’s just a myth. Wearing a hair cap or helmet does not lead to any hair loss issues. For better convenience and to avoid traction, stop wearing the tight hat and helmet.

3. How many hair follicles do I need to transfer for my bald area?

The number of hair follicles extracted depends on the size of the bald area and its pattern.

4. Is there any chance of recurrence of baldness in the same treatment area?

Yes, the treatments provided by the Hairsure clinic are minimally invasive and effective. So the results after the treatment will last for a lifetime.

5. How soon can I get the natural results after the treatment?

It’s essential to know that the transplanted hair will fall out after 6-8 weeks, which is normal. And at the same time, new hair follicles start to grow.

6. Does Hairsure provide the hair transplantation treatment for my uneven beard and eyebrow hairlines?

Yes, Hairsure provides the best hair transplantation treatment in Hyderabad for both beard and eyebrow hair loss problems.

7. How can I consult the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad from Hairsure Clinic?

To know more details about the different transplantation treatments and for getting the best hair transplantation treatment in Hyderabad contact Hairsure clinic now.

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