FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation (Surgical – Strip Extraction Method)

Strip Method (Surgical – Strip Extraction) – In Strip method of extraction, the surgeon harvests the donor hair by extracting a narrow strip of scalp layer from the donor region. The harvested strip is then cut into much smaller strips by our experienced hair transplant surgeons by a process called slivering. Each follicular unit contains one to four strands of hair.

The shape and size of the strip are pre-planned in order to deliver the number of grafts required while ensuring negligible or undetectable scars. This method has a lower incidence of graft transection because the removed strip is slivered (cut into smaller strips) under a bright, powerful magnifying device or magnification loops. The follicles are then preserved in a clinical solution at a particular temperature. The surgeons complete the preparation of the recipient area of the scalp in the meanwhile. This procedure gives a precise picture of where the hair is growing beneath the skin with a clear view which helps in positioning the surgical tool accurately ensuring the integrity of each graft that is sustained. Patients are often worried that strip extraction leaves a slim scar where the strip was taken from. In the event that the scar is obvious, it is effectively clouded by short hair regrowth and the scar gets hidden and unnoticed. The Trichophytic closure procedure permits the scar to recuperate with practically zero recognizable scarring.

We not only explain the hair transplantation procedure to our clients, but also show the hair transplant before and after results at every stage of the treatment. This gives a clear understanding with a visualization of their appearance after the surgery.

Advantages of Follicular Unit Transplantation

Though this method is a bit more painful than follicular unit extraction method (FUE), larger areas of the scalp can be covered in fewer sittings.

Below mentioned are a few tricks for best hair restoration results during the surgery:

1. Careful extraction of hair from the donor area
2. Proper dissection of the hair from the follicular unit
3. Proper storage of the donor hair follicles
4. Attention to details, such as placing the hair in the right angle, direction of growth, and proper arrangement
5. Design the hairline naturally and in an undetectable manner
6. Meticulous placement of grafts on the donor area using appropriate techniques to avoid unnatural look
7. Take proper care after the surgery


Do Hair Transplants work?

Hair transplant surgery is an excellent and viable response to a considerable number of individuals who suffer various types of hair loss. There are a couple of variables we consider while reviewing a patient’s state of thinning hair and  hair loss. These are; The possible progression of loss, the accessibility of healthy donor hair, and the sensibility of expectations.

Percentage of hair loss occurred

The team of experts at HairSure studies your hair and the hair loss pattern to find out the factors causing your hair loss. We try to differentiate if you have suffered a one-time loss due to any illness, stress or any ailing genetic disorder, and plan to arrange a treatment for the regrowth of your hair. If the hair loss you are facing is in continuation, we also calculate the rate of hair fall and the advancement it might reach in the near future. Depending on the rate of hair fall and the type of hair you have, we prescribe you with the medication or  transplantation procedure as required.

Reasonable Expectations

Some of you might wish to regain the hairline and density you had in your youth. Our job is to help you understand if your expectations need to be a bit more reasonable. And if they are, then we’d simply cater to your expectation. We have highly skilled team who have designed hairlines for thousands of patients. Every aspect of what you require, be it density restoration or body hair transplant, HairSure team is here to help you achieve the impact you wish for, with the donor hair resources available. The team of doctors at HairSure help you to set achievable desires and may decline surgery on the off chance that they feel you might get disappointed with the outcome.

How healthy is your donor zone?

A lot depends on upon the healthy and easily accessible donor grafts. The surgeons assess the density of hair in your donor zone, the thickness of your hair strands, the size of the donor region and your preferred method of extraction. Strip surgery (FUT) helps us extract thousands of grafts from a smaller area and punch extraction (FUE) helps us extract the grafts from a much larger area.

There are several hospitals that have FUE hair transplant in Hyderabad, HairSure is one of the leading clinics of the city for FUE hair transplant procedure. People who are suffering with hair problems can meet our doctors. Our experts study and analyse the skin and body type of each individual and prescribe different methods of treatments that would suit the patient. Apart from other treatments, we have doctors who specialize in FUE hair transplant, FUT hair Treatment and SHI treatment and other procedures.