Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

Hereditary: Heredity is a key reason for baldness. This means that if any of the ancestors in the family has suffered baldness, then the future generation of the family are at high risk of getting the same pattern balding.

Pollution: This is another significant reason for pattern balding in women and men. Every day, people are being exposed to harmful chemicals that are released from vehicles and industries. In addition, when pollution blends with the genetic factor, it will speed up the process of hair thinning.

Hormonal effects: Production of Testosterone, a male sex hormone is another crucial reason for baldness. This hormone gets converted into dihydrotestosterone and results in severe hairfall in men.

Chemical hair colors and dyes: When you dye your hair with artificial colors loaded with chemicals, then it damages the hair and leads to acute hair loss.

Stress: Stress plays a vital role in the degeneration of hair follicles and eventually leads to hair loss. It is important to have a relaxed mind in order to prevent hair loss.

Medicines: People under chemo therapy and medication for cancer or other fatal diseases may notice severe hair loss due to the radiations and side effects to the medication they take.