Tag: Hair Transplantation

May 16

The Ultimate Guide For Beard Hair Transplant

The face is one of the most important parts of the body which helps you express and impress, isn’t it? Now what constitutes the face of a person?  What makes them stand out?  How are they different? There are many, many characteristics which make a person stand out when compared...
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May 11

Tackle FUE Scars Better!

Scars are proof that a person had gone through a struggle and whoever went through it, came out of it and stronger than ever. Every surgery leaves a scar of some kind. It may be a big one or it may be a small one like in the case if...
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Apr 18

Hair Density and its Importance

Everybody wants thick and healthy hair, right? But, what if there is hair loss, coupled with the thinning of the hair remaining? It would be disastrous. There is one key term here which needs to be understood and kept in mind  - hair density - which is very important in...
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Jan 27

Sidelock Hair Implantation – Get The Macho Look!

Sidelocks are patches of hair that grow on both sides of the face. It extends from the hairline and typically grows till below the ear. It may sound like a very simple and unimportant part of human anatomy. But, this tiny patch of hair holds great social importance. The aesthetic...
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Nov 16

How To Treat Hair Shaft Disorders

One thing that all of us experience while watching television is advertisements. One of the most eye catching ones are the hair product ads in which women with long and lustrous hair are seen conquering the world and flaunting their success, and their beautiful hair. Every time we seem them...
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Nov 14

Need Denser Beard? HairSure’s got you ‘Covered’!

If you thought ‘No Shave November’ is the only time of the year when men take their beards seriously, then no, that’s the biggest misconception you need to get rid of. Men take a lot of pride in their beards, and just like women like flaunting their lustrous hair, men...
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Nov 09

Hair Shaft Disorders – Symptoms and Causes

We often run our fingers through our hair and feel saddened, because most of the time, it’s either too dry and rough, or too oily and sticky. Either way, one thing that’s clear is, almost all of us experience damaged hair and even though we try hard to fix yet,...
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Nov 07

Male Pattern Balding: What You Should Do?

In terms of importance, good looks feature high up on a person’s priority list. Health, clothing shelter are some of the most important ones, but good looks are not behind. When it comes to good looks, one of the most important aspect is hair. This is true for both men...
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Nov 03

Male balding pattern – why does it happen

Hair grooming holds a lot of importance not just for women, but to men as well. As the very famous cliche goes; "Your hair is your crown and glory", irrespective of your gender. A well-groomed hairstyle adds much more grace. To a great extent, healthy and well-kept hair adds character...
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Jun 23

When will my Hair Grow Back after FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation surgery has become a widely opted treatment for those who've been losing hair at a young age. Though it has become popular in the last two decades, many people still doubt this procedure. In this article, our experts shall explain the most common doubt! Does hair grow back...
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Dec 29

What’s The Best Age For Hair Transplantation

If you also have some doubts regarding the right age for hair transplantation; you are lucky! We're here to guide you. Read on to know what our Specialist Dr Ravi Chander has to say about the most common doubt most youngsters have these days... Hair fall is a natural phenomenon...
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Nov 10

Remarkable ways to recover from failed Hair Transplant Surgery

A rescue to failed hair transplants. The Doctor Speaks... Hair transplantation is an art in the medical field. It needs a lot of skill and knowledge. With the changing time and technology these days, there are many hair transplant clinics performing hair transplantation procedures. But unfortunately, most of them have...
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