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Jun 01

Getting Hair Transplant Surgery During Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only attacked every aspect of our lives but also disrupted health care. As people are at their homes in anticipation of the end of the pandemic, many treatments and procedures considered non-essential cannot be done, which is problematic to those who need it. Hair transplantation...
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Feb 28

Advantages Of PRP After Hair Transplant

Nowadays, hair transplants are often performed in one big session or several sessions over several weeks or months. The big session completes the whole process collecting hair follicles from the donor site on the back of the patient's scalp. Multiple sessions may be a better choice for some patients, such...
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Nov 16

How To Treat Hair Shaft Disorders

One thing that all of us experience while watching television is advertisements. One of the most eye catching ones are the hair product ads in which women with long and lustrous hair are seen conquering the world and flaunting their success, and their beautiful hair. Every time we seem them...
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