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Jul 04

Doctor Answers for Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Getting a hair transplant is a life turning decision for many younger adult people. Hair transplant surgery is used to treat cases of hereditary or genetics baldness, trichotillomania, and to solve all your hair problems including hair like balding, thinning hair, huge hair loss, hair fall. It is the most...
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May 10
May 02

Top 5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

A head full of hairs is a symbol of admiration whereas hair follicles are symbols of fertility or sensuality. Thus, hair loss is a frightening symptom of ageing. It can be a frustrating physical change and sign of embarrassment as most people today focus on youthfulness. Taking hair restoration medications...
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Apr 18

Are hair transplant results permanent?

Yes. Most individuals struck with baldness, with some trying to live with it, while many others seek to find ways to stop it. They want to treat their embarrassing outcome. The common solution that everyone adapts is hair loss medications because they are affordable. Some people try to cover up...
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Oct 24
Oct 17

Hair Transplant in a Burn Case

The aesthetic appeal of hair is undeniable. Hairstyle is an integral part of your fashion statement. The same holds good for men with both scalp hair and facial hair including beard, mustache and sidelocks. Now when your skin gets burnt, keeping the physical trauma aside, there is one more thing...
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Aug 14

Pre Operative Care for Hair Transplant Surgeries

All surgeries present some kind of risk. From a small surgery of mole removal to the biggest and most complicated ones, risk is constant. For a patient, more than anything else, they would want to know if the condition they have can be treated and how much money would it...
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