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Jul 04

Doctor Answers for Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Getting a hair transplant is a life turning decision for many younger adult people. Hair transplant surgery is used to treat cases of hereditary or genetics baldness, trichotillomania, and to solve all your hair problems including hair like balding, thinning hair, huge hair loss, hair fall. It is the most...
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Oct 25

About age and treatment procedure

Iam getting white hair and lot of hair fall at age of 18 years Responses: Dear Ms.Tejasvi, Kindly visit the clinic to get the solution for your hair problem.
Aug 30

Hair Transplant for a Diabetic Patient

Look around. What are the most common health conditions you’d observe? Blood pressure. Diabetes. Hair loss. Obesity. Now, what if you have more than one of these conditions? Have you thought about getting treatments for two or more conditions at once? It is a tough decision but that doesn’t mean...
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