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Dec 29
Sep 11

How To Select the Best Hair Transplant Centre?

In today's Hair Transplantation market, where there are new budding hair transplant centres every day, you should be vigilant which one to choose from and to find the best hair transplant centre.  Nowadays, people face a lot of hair loss, and everyone wants to have nice hair and look beautiful....
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Aug 18

How long does it take for grafts to set after hair transplant?

A great deal of attention is paid on identifying and fixing the factors that affect the survival of grafts after hair transplantation. The significant factors that influence the transplanted graft include the patient’s health, characteristics of the hair, and the operative procedures. Usually, the healing process or the time for...
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May 08

What Is The Leading Cause Of Hair Loss?

Your hair is a big part of your image!! So it's natural to worry if you look at the receding hairline in the mirror or find a clump of hair in your hand when you touch your head. But before hitting the panic button, take a deep breath and relax...
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Oct 25
Oct 24
Aug 22

Stages of Recovery after Hair Transplantation

Many believe that a hair transplantation surgery is the end of all problems and the answer to baldness. But, a hair transplant surgery in itself is not the answer, it is the beginning of a process that is multilayered and periodical. There are various stages after a hair transplant surgery....
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Mar 31

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Do you want to wake up from your bed one day and realise all your hair on the head is gone? No, right? Hair loss is one of the most common conditions which affects a person and it can be due to many reasons as well such as aging, alopecia...
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Feb 07

Hair Transplant Surgery Myths and Facts

Plucking one grey hair leads to more grey hair. Dandruff signifies dry scalp. Hair Transplant does not yield natural results.  Now, these are common beliefs and statements which people all around the world have come across at some point of time. But do you now what all these three statements...
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Jan 27

Does Hair Transplant Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the most tricky health conditions which affects us. A condition, where the root cause is most important to assess in order to understand what kind of solution can be most effective. A hair transplant surgery is not a cure. It is a fix. A fixer...
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Nov 02

Alopecia Areata: All About The Treatments

Usually everything has a cure. Alopecia Areata is different. We can google, search or hunt, but there is no cure for Alopecia Areata. Even though there have been many trials with different medicines thought to cure the condition, there isn’t any foolproof medicine which eradicates the condition completely. Though there...
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Oct 07