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May 16

The Ultimate Guide For Beard Hair Transplant

The face is one of the most important parts of the body which helps you express and impress, isn’t it? Now what constitutes the face of a person?  What makes them stand out?  How are they different? There are many, many characteristics which make a person stand out when compared...
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May 11

Tackle FUE Scars Better!

Scars are proof that a person had gone through a struggle and whoever went through it, came out of it and stronger than ever. Every surgery leaves a scar of some kind. It may be a big one or it may be a small one like in the case if...
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Apr 18

Hair Density and its Importance

Everybody wants thick and healthy hair, right? But, what if there is hair loss, coupled with the thinning of the hair remaining? It would be disastrous. There is one key term here which needs to be understood and kept in mind  - hair density - which is very important in...
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Mar 31

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Do you want to wake up from your bed one day and realise all your hair on the head is gone? No, right? Hair loss is one of the most common conditions which affects a person and it can be due to many reasons as well such as aging, alopecia...
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Mar 24

Success Rate Of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant is a very popular procedure. What comes along with popularity is fraudulence and folklore. You can find a hair transplant clinic nearly as frequently as a hair salon. Needless to say, most of them are not authorized clinics and hence, the surgeries are not performed by qualified experts....
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Jan 03

Can A Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

Hair transplant procedures are a dream come true for many people who have been suffering day after day from hair loss issues. To say the least, the level of relief people get after realising that they do not have to live another day without hair or balding issue is overwhelming....
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Jun 25

bht body to scalp

hello, i already had FUE procedure few years ago but not really happy with the results and wonder if i can have BHT: body to head? let me know please thanks ibrahim Responses: Hello Mr ibrahim, thanks for your interest in hair sure hair transplant centre you can directly contact...
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Feb 05

The Best Beard Transplantation Guide In 2016

The first thing that strikes when you hear about a hair transplant is that it’s a surgical procedure that helps restoring hair on bald areas of your head. While scalp hair restoration is a majority, facial hair transplant including moustache and beard transplant is also growing in popularity. Men with...
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