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Mar 24

Success Rate Of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant is a very popular procedure. What comes along with popularity is fraudulence and folklore. You can find a hair transplant clinic nearly as frequently as a hair salon. Needless to say, most of them are not authorized clinics and hence, the surgeries are not performed by qualified experts....
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Jan 27

Sidelock Hair Implantation – Get The Macho Look!

Sidelocks are patches of hair that grow on both sides of the face. It extends from the hairline and typically grows till below the ear. It may sound like a very simple and unimportant part of human anatomy. But, this tiny patch of hair holds great social importance. The aesthetic...
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Jun 25

bht body to scalp

hello, i already had FUE procedure few years ago but not really happy with the results and wonder if i can have BHT: body to head? let me know please thanks ibrahim Responses: Hello Mr ibrahim, thanks for your interest in hair sure hair transplant centre you can directly contact...
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