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Dec 29
May 28
Dec 06

Post FUE Does Hair Grow Back In Donor Area?

Hair loss is a severe problem for men and women, and every year thousands of hair loss patients visit various hair transplant clinics. Many hair loss patients come to the Hair sure Transplant Clinic at Hyderabad and enjoy a new look with natural and real hair. So we can say...
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Nov 29

Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most beneficial Hair Transplant Procedure, where the process involves in extracting individual hair follicles by a fine punching machine either manually or by a motorized machine. The extraction of the hair follicle leaves a small circular incision on the scalp. In...
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Oct 17
Feb 07

Hair Transplant Surgery Myths and Facts

Plucking one grey hair leads to more grey hair. Dandruff signifies dry scalp. Hair Transplant does not yield natural results.  Now, these are common beliefs and statements which people all around the world have come across at some point of time. But do you now what all these three statements...
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Jan 27

Does Hair Transplant Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the most tricky health conditions which affects us. A condition, where the root cause is most important to assess in order to understand what kind of solution can be most effective. A hair transplant surgery is not a cure. It is a fix. A fixer...
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Jan 03

Importance of Hairline for Hair Loss Treatment

How would you define a handsome man? Or a gorgeous lady? Their eyes, nose, lips and other facial features play an important role, but are you forgetting one facial feature that’s equally important? The hairline. Hair is the strikingly important factor that plays a major role in making one look...
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Dec 30

Side Effects Of Hair Transplants You Must Be Aware Of

Hair restoration is a modern technology introduced to the medical system for fighting baldness. The increase in pattern balding in both men and women, along with the advancement of technology has made people become more inclined towards choosing hair transplantation.  While hair transplantation procedures are considered safe, they still aren’t...
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