Tag: Hair Loss

Aug 30

Hair Transplant for a Diabetic Patient

Look around. What are the most common health conditions you’d observe? Blood pressure. Diabetes. Hair loss. Obesity. Now, what if you have more than one of these conditions? Have you thought about getting treatments for two or more conditions at once? It is a tough decision but that doesn’t mean...
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Aug 09
Mar 31

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Do you want to wake up from your bed one day and realise all your hair on the head is gone? No, right? Hair loss is one of the most common conditions which affects a person and it can be due to many reasons as well such as aging, alopecia...
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Nov 07

Male Pattern Balding: What You Should Do?

In terms of importance, good looks feature high up on a person’s priority list. Health, clothing shelter are some of the most important ones, but good looks are not behind. When it comes to good looks, one of the most important aspect is hair. This is true for both men...
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Nov 03

Male balding pattern – why does it happen

Hair grooming holds a lot of importance not just for women, but to men as well. As the very famous cliche goes; "Your hair is your crown and glory", irrespective of your gender. A well-groomed hairstyle adds much more grace. To a great extent, healthy and well-kept hair adds character...
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Nov 02

Alopecia Areata: All About The Treatments

Usually everything has a cure. Alopecia Areata is different. We can google, search or hunt, but there is no cure for Alopecia Areata. Even though there have been many trials with different medicines thought to cure the condition, there isn’t any foolproof medicine which eradicates the condition completely. Though there...
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Oct 20

Alopecia Areata – A Guide to Symptoms and Causes

This term seems too confusing right? Maybe this will help, Alopecia Areata = A Type of Hair Loss. Hair loss as the condition is commonly called has happened to almost everyone at some point of time. While in the shower, we see strands of hair falling out, while combing our...
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Nov 10

Remarkable ways to recover from failed Hair Transplant Surgery

A rescue to failed hair transplants. The Doctor Speaks... Hair transplantation is an art in the medical field. It needs a lot of skill and knowledge. With the changing time and technology these days, there are many hair transplant clinics performing hair transplantation procedures. But unfortunately, most of them have...
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Sep 13
Sep 12

How to prevent hairfall

Most of us think about preventing hair fall only after hair loss becomes a major setback in our lives. It works out a lot easier both emotionally and financially if it is taken good care of at an early stage itself. In fact, the truth is – preventing hair loss...
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