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Nov 25

Balding: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Fashion trend related to hair is seeing its peak now. But so is hair loss problem. Undoubtedly, this is a very conflicting situation. On one hand, you want to try new hairstyles; on the other hand, you do not have hair. What do you do? Should you worry about being...
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Nov 19

FUE or FUT? What’s Your Treatment?

FUE & FUT are two permanent hair loss solutions. They both transplant hair surgically. Then what’s the difference & which one is for you? Here’s an infographic that will give your doubts.
Oct 17

Hair Transplant in a Burn Case

The aesthetic appeal of hair is undeniable. Hairstyle is an integral part of your fashion statement. The same holds good for men with both scalp hair and facial hair including beard, mustache and sidelocks. Now when your skin gets burnt, keeping the physical trauma aside, there is one more thing...
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Oct 10

A Cheap Hair Transplant Can Be Costly

It’s easy to get tempted by a cheaper price. And there is nothing wrong in it; in fact, cost optimisation is a very good trait. But you must also be careful that you do not give up on other important factor like quality and safety on the way of saving...
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Sep 07
Aug 14

Pre Operative Care for Hair Transplant Surgeries

All surgeries present some kind of risk. From a small surgery of mole removal to the biggest and most complicated ones, risk is constant. For a patient, more than anything else, they would want to know if the condition they have can be treated and how much money would it...
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Aug 09
Jan 03

Treatment of Hair loss in Women

For women, one important aspect of getting dressed pertains to their hair. While their clothes, accessories and makeup take centrestage, their hairdo holds an important place, too. It’s understandable, therefore, that when women start losing hair, they start losing their sleep over it, too. Now, apart from aesthetics, hair is...
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Jan 03

Importance of Hairline for Hair Loss Treatment

How would you define a handsome man? Or a gorgeous lady? Their eyes, nose, lips and other facial features play an important role, but are you forgetting one facial feature that’s equally important? The hairline. Hair is the strikingly important factor that plays a major role in making one look...
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Jan 03

The Causes of Hair Loss in Women!

“WHY IS MY HAIR FALLING OUT?” “I need better shampoos”, “I need to visit a doctor immediately”, “Do I have cancer?”, “WHY IS MY HAIR FALLING OUT?”.  Often and many times, when women wake up in the morning and look at their pillows, they scream saying “WHY IS MY HAIR...
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Aug 21

I have Lots of Hair Loss Problem

i want to recover my hair by Hair Treatment Responses: Hi vijay Good to hear from you that ur interested in getting treatment at our centre If possible plz come to our center we can evaluate personally and can suggest best possible treatment for you Regards Hairsure -Hair Transplant clinic...
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