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Jul 30

Hair Loss Facts and Myths

Go back to the days when you weren't given a bowl of instant noodles after school because your mom claimed that MSG in noodles would cause hair loss. As with all health issues, there is speculation about the causes of hair loss. But how do we know what the urban...
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Jun 30

Is It True That Covid19 Stress Can Cause Hair Loss?

Is It True That Covid19 Stress Can Cause Hair Loss? Well, everyone has heard of COVID-19. Almost everyone on this planet is familiar with this devastating virus. The common symptoms of this virus are dry cough, fever, shortness of breath and tiredness. This virus directly or indirectly affects humans in...
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Jun 23
Jan 25
Feb 07
Jan 24

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Who is not afraid of hair loss? At some point, we are all afraid that we can lose too much hair. Even though it's only a false alarm most of the time, in some cases, it's more than usual. But what can cause unexpected hair loss? If you have been...
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