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Jul 30

Hair Loss Facts and Myths

Go back to the days when you weren't given a bowl of instant noodles after school because your mom claimed that MSG in noodles would cause hair loss. As with all health issues, there is speculation about the causes of hair loss. But how do we know what the urban...
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Jun 30

Is It True That Covid19 Stress Can Cause Hair Loss?

Is It True That Covid19 Stress Can Cause Hair Loss? Well, everyone has heard of COVID-19. Almost everyone on this planet is familiar with this devastating virus. The common symptoms of this virus are dry cough, fever, shortness of breath and tiredness. This virus directly or indirectly affects humans in...
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Jun 29

Top 10 Reasons for Itchy Scalp

People face many hair problems every day, and an itchy scalp is the most common one. When your scalp is itchy, thinking about other things can be challenging. To get rid of itching, first, find out the cause of itchy scalp. Itchy scalp always makes us feel uncomfortable and unsafe...
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Jun 26
Jun 23
May 30

How Much Time Does It Take For The Transplanted Hair To Grow?

How fast does hair grow is a common question hair transplant patients ask themselves. Contrary to popular belief, the results of hair transplants are indirect. There are specific growth patterns and timelines that contain all the answers about how fast hair grows. The recovery process, the fruit of waiting, lasts...
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Apr 20

Long Hair Management In Summer: A Hair Care Guide

Summer is the time when we all want to look our best. When summer arrives, you need to start making hair care plans for summer as the process is very different from winter. As the months go by and the days get warmer, one might forget how it affects your...
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Jan 25
Jun 23
May 25
May 08

What Is The Leading Cause Of Hair Loss?

Your hair is a big part of your image!! So it's natural to worry if you look at the receding hairline in the mirror or find a clump of hair in your hand when you touch your head. But before hitting the panic button, take a deep breath and relax...
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Apr 24

Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

The most important and most influential in a person’s personality is their hair. Many people enjoy full hair, but several people do not have this confidence-boosting feature. Hair lossHair loss and thin hair may look like two sides of the same coin, but it's important to understand the difference if...
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