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Oct 27
Sep 11

How To Select the Best Hair Transplant Centre?

In today's Hair Transplantation market, where there are new budding hair transplant centres every day, you should be vigilant which one to choose from and to find the best hair transplant centre.  Nowadays, people face a lot of hair loss, and everyone wants to have nice hair and look beautiful....
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Aug 18

How long does it take for grafts to set after hair transplant?

A great deal of attention is paid on identifying and fixing the factors that affect the survival of grafts after hair transplantation. The significant factors that influence the transplanted graft include the patient’s health, characteristics of the hair, and the operative procedures. Usually, the healing process or the time for...
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Jan 02

Scar Revision Surgeries post FUT Hair Transplant

Nobody wants a scar on their body. People often judge the ones who have various scars on their body no matter where it is. Right? Eventually, you wonder where those scars came from and in your mind you make your own versions of the story and then realise how terribly...
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