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Aug 15

Is it a good idea to get a hair transplant during the winter season?

Deciding to get a hair transplant is a significant step since it means altering your whole personality. It is quickly noticeable by everyone and can certainly enhance self-confidence and self-image for some. It is an easy guess that seasons affect the bodies immensely. Although the internal organs also experience changes...
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Jul 28
Jul 26

What Are The Major Advantages Of FUE Hair Restoration

If the hair loss doesn't stop, or if you don't take steps to stop it, light patches or baldness will remain on the scalp. If this has happened to you, worry no more because our latest hair transplant is the way to go. If you are interested in hair restoration...
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Apr 28
Apr 27

Is Hair Transplant In Hyderabad Worthier Than Other Indian Cities?

Hyderabad is fast becoming a major city in India with the highest ecosystem supporting medical tourism. There is a steady flow of international patients; the city has is India'sIndia's fifth-largest cities in recent years. Hair loss problems occur in both men and women. Several factors contribute to hair loss, including...
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Mar 28

Which Season Is The Best For Hair Transplant?

We all understand that healthy and beautiful hair looks good on everyone. But the life of hair is genetically determined. Stress, a busy lifestyle, poor environmental conditions, and health problems can lead to premature hair loss.  Hair loss and subsequent growth is a natural process. However, if the hair is...
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Feb 25

Hair Transplant Gives Better Results In Warmer Months

Warmer weather brings outdoor barbecue, billiard days and other fun activities. It also raises questions for hair restoration patients in Hyderabad. People are often curious about how warm weather affects the healing of a hair transplant. Hair transplant can be done in any season. The right time for a hair...
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Jan 18

Why Is FUE Implantation Success Over FUT?

Hair transplantation is the recognized gold standard for permanent hair restoration, and FUE offers the most advanced hair transplant method. With the scope of our procedures, we can offer FUE at an affordable price for everyone. We are proud of our surgical team of over 10,000 hair transplant procedures highly...
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Nov 27

What Is The Recovery Time After FUE?

So, you underwent an FUE hair transplant? Very nice! You may enjoy the benefits of full hair, both physically and mentally. Hair transplantation using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is more profitable than the long FUT (Follicular Unit transplantation) and the recovery time is much shorter. The healing process starts...
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Nov 23

What Is The Percentage of Successful FUE Hair Transplant?

For many men and women, nothing is more frustrating and more embarrassing than hair loss. Baldness and hair loss can occur at a young age. Although there are many over-the-counter drugs available, most of them are ineffective, leaving people discouraged. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery offers patients an exciting opportunity to restore...
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