Tag: Follicular Unit Transplantation

Mar 10
Aug 16

Which Hair Transplant is Better – FUT Or FUE?

Hair transplant has jumped leaps in recent years as it stands out to be the real way to restore your naturally growing hair. It is one of the safest and practical options for individuals suffering from male pattern baldness. Many people opt for it as they can have a fuller...
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May 31

10 Questions You Have About Follicular Unit Transplants

Hair Transplant Surgeons at Hairsure answer the most frequently asked questions on FUT hair transplantation. For additional Q&A on FUT hair transplants, visit Ask Questions page here. What is FUT? Follicular Unit Transplants is a highly-advanced technique of hair transplantation in which thin strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from...
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May 17
Nov 19

FUE or FUT? What’s Your Treatment?

FUE & FUT are two permanent hair loss solutions. They both transplant hair surgically. Then what’s the difference & which one is for you? Here’s an infographic that will give your doubts.
Apr 13
Jun 29

Hair Treatments To Solve All Hair Loss Worries!

Hair loss- not something to worry about for too long. . . A lot of us are hesitant to visit a doctor when it comes to hair loss. It shouldn’t be a taboo to approach a hair specialist regarding this problem. Many of us suffer from hair loss and it...
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