Tag: follicular unit extraction (fue)

Jun 28

How Much Does A Beard Transplant Cost

Beard transplant cost in Hyderabad India is affordable for all people. Beard transplant will be done Including young adults who are having a patchy beard, victims of burns, injuries, and those who may have genetic conditions. Beard transplant surgery at HairSure provides many benefits to beard lovers.     At Hairsure, you...
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Apr 22

Who should get a Body Hair Transplant?

A body hair transplant (BHT) or body-hair-to-head transplant is a breakthrough procedure for the individuals who have been turned away by most clinics as "poor candidates" for hair transplantation. It is an advanced FUE procedure which requires grafting of follicular units-natural groups of one to four hairs-one at a time....
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May 11

Tackle FUE Scars Better!

Scars are proof that a person had gone through a struggle and whoever went through it, came out of it and stronger than ever. Every surgery leaves a scar of some kind. It may be a big one or it may be a small one like in the case if...
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