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Jan 10

Do Eyebrows Grow Back After Scar

What happened to my eyebrows! Eyebrow loss can occur in men and women and is most often caused by injuries/trauma that cause scarring, hormonal imbalances, over-plucking / overgrowth, inheritance, and ageing. Eyebrows can appear slowly or quickly over time. Eyebrow pencils, permanent makeup, and micro blading tattoos only offer two-dimensional...
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Nov 27

Eyebrow Transplantation-Are You Up For It?

Eyebrows transcribe your emotions. No argument there. But shaping your eyebrows to fit your personality, sure takes a lot of effort - regular trips to beauty salons, long hours of online makeup tutorials; and still, you can’t always get that dense, shaped eyebrow that shows your glam and frames it...
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