Tag: Cost of Hair Transplant

Nov 11

Hello sir I want to know the cost of hair transplant…

Hello sir I want to know the cost of hair transplant Responses: Hi Mr.Mujahid Thank you for trusting us regarding your Hair Transplant. We are more than happy to help you out. Hair Transplantation price will be 60 INR for grafts harvested from scalp and 80 INR for grafts harvested...
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Jun 27

Hair Transplant – The Cost in India

Hair loss is no joke. You might not have the silky and shiny hair that they show in commercials, but the moment you start losing hair, the concern hits you hard.Do not to worry, hair loss isn’t permanent and can be reversed. ‘Thank you, Science’. Today, with the advent of...
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Aug 18

Cost of transplantation

Sir My age is 23 But got the baldbess in the less age So many frnds relatives insulting me Plz suggest is there is any medicine as it comes in my young age other wise k need to transplant it Responses: Hi Durgaprasd thanks for your interest in Hairsure hair...
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Aug 09