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Aug 08

A Hair Transplant Can Give You Permanent, Solution?

Are you looking for hair transplantation, and worried about the results? How do you decide which solution gives you the best result for you? At present days, almost every age group suffers from hair loss. Depending on the level of hair loss, hair recovery has many different choices. Finding the...
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Apr 18

Hair Density and its Importance

Everybody wants thick and healthy hair, right? But, what if there is hair loss, coupled with the thinning of the hair remaining? It would be disastrous. There is one key term here which needs to be understood and kept in mind  - hair density - which is very important in...
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Jan 12

Understanding Hypertrichosis, The Werewolf Syndrome

How many times have you looked at a hairy person and remarked that he or she looks like a bear? We use many animal references for people, but did you know that a particular disease in humans derives its name from an animal? Wondering which animal this is? It’s the...
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