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Nov 30

What Are The Stages Of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Look no further than your favourite 90s series to see how dramatically the eyebrow trend has changed over the years. From light pencil arch to thick eyebrows, the "ideal" brow continues to develop. In recent years, complete but preserved eyebrow aesthetics have emerged, and temporary and semi-permanent treatments such as...
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Jan 10

Do Eyebrows Grow Back After Scar

What happened to my eyebrows! Eyebrow loss can occur in men and women and is most often caused by injuries/trauma that cause scarring, hormonal imbalances, over-plucking / overgrowth, inheritance, and ageing. Eyebrows can appear slowly or quickly over time. Eyebrow pencils, permanent makeup, and micro blading tattoos only offer two-dimensional...
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