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Bald head is the major concern that is seen in men irrespective of age. There are many reasons for getting bald head at the very young age. Few of them include hereditary, food habits, stress, scalp infections, medications, lack of nutritious intake, use of chemical shampoos, pollution, etc. People who are bald could not move confidently in the public. This is an acute mental distress for them. Undeniably, there are many medicines available in the market to keep the hair fall at a bay. However, people do not need to get disappointed, since the hair transplantation surgery has been made available for all the people in every nook and corner of the world. There are many hair transplantation treatment centres being mushrooming in the market. However, you need to go to the right centre to fulfill your dream of reviving back your natural looking hair with no scars and pain at an incredibly affordable price. In fact, you look younger than your actual age after this procedure.


Since the inception of HAIR SURE our surgeons have treated thousands of hair loss clients by creating a natural looking hairline. Needless to say that, no one can detect that you have undergone hair transplantation. In every hair transplantation session, the "follicular unit grafts” are arranged alongside the hairline in a natural and undetectable pattern.



HAIR SURE, Hair Transplant Centre has taken hair transplant to a new level. Our certified and adroit surgeons take the hair transplantation needs of the client and provide meticulous care for every client who steps into our clinic. We use state-of-the-art equipment and latest technologies to keep all your hair loss problems at a bay. Our prowess in creating natural and luscious looking hairline has made us vociferous in the hair transplantation industry.



We, at HAIR SURE use the successful procedure for every hair loss problem and bring a sea change in your look that you have desired of with your hair. Our ensemble of plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, Dermatologists, trichologists and hair stylists use their real-time experience in performing the surgeons with utmost care. You can see evident results before and after surgery. We assure that you regain your hair and confidence when you step out of our clinic.

OTHER important information


  • Dr. Ravi Chander Rao
    Dr. A. Ravi Chander Rao,
    MS, MCH Plastic Surgery(NIMS)
    Dr. Ravi is a member of International Society of Hair Restorative Surgeons-USA(ISHRS-USA), Association of Hair Restorative Surgeons of India(AHRS), Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons(IAAPS),AOCMF- Switzerland,Association of Plastic Surgeons of India(APSI).
  • Dr. Sridhar Reddy
    Dr. B. Sridhar Reddy

    Dr. Sridhar Reddy is a Maxillofacial, Cosmetic Surgeon, and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in Govt. /Osmania Hospital, Hyderabad. After finishing his graduation he did his post-graduation in Maxillofacial Surgery from MANGALORE.

  • Dr. Sashi Kanth
    Dr. V. Shashikanth
    Dr. ShashiKanth is an eminent Maxillofacial and Hair Transplant Surgeon, who is working as an Associate Professor in dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery, He has completed his post-graduation from Bapuji college, DAVANAGERE. One of the best centers for Medical education.
  • Dr. Praveen
    Dr. S P Praveen Reddy
    Dr. Praveen Reddy S P is a Maxillofacial and Hair Transplant Surgeon. He has undergone meticulous training in various techniques of hair transplantation and is specialized in FUT, FUE & BHT (beard and body hair transplant).


  • FollicularUnit Extraction(FUE)

    In the FUE method, a special instrument, that is as fine as the tip of a pen, is used to extract follicles, one by one from the scalp donor area. Extracting out of the follicles leaves minimum scars, no cuts and no need for sutures. The key difference between the Follicular unit extraction and strip method is the way the hair more
  • Strip Method / FUT

    In this method of Hair Transplant a strip of the scalp from the back of the head (or the donor area) is taken. The grafts in this strip are separated, counted and kept in Petri dishes ready for implantation in the recipient area. The scalp is joined with the help of sutures that are removed on the 14th day from the day of the procedure. This leaves a pencil line scar on the scalp after the healing process. | more
  • Body Hair Transplant(BHT)

    Hair can be transplanted from one place to another in the body. Using advanced technologies available to us, we can relocate or transplant hair from other parts of the body, other than the scalp and such hair which is harvested can be implanted onto the crown portion/vertex of the head or if needed it can be transplanted onto the face. | more


  • I must thank you form the bottom of my heart for the great job you have done on me. My results of Hair Transplant have been fantastic...

    Regards and ever obliged Sandeep Chauhan
  • Thank you very much for the wonderful job that you did for me.I think sometimes your work goes unnoticed...

    Regards YesuBabu
  • I'm doing well. Scabs from grafts appear to be almost gone. Some larger ones remain. In terms of the procedure, the entire office was nothing but wonderful and kind the entire time I was there...

    Regards VishwanathAnanda Chary
  • Please let Dr. Ravi know that in my opinion the staff in Hair Sure is fantastic. Each and every person in your office has been extremely friendly and professional .

    Regards Surender nath


  • Cost of hair transplant at HAIRSURE

FUE from Pubic Hair and Extremities-100 INR/GRAFT